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A list of the most recent papers published by the Journal of Pipeline Integrity, and available as pdf files, is given below. Click on "BUY" to view the abstract. If you decide to purchase, please continue by using our secure on-line system, at a cost of only $25 per paper. For our complete library of available technical papers in this format, please go to

Pipeline World Volume: 16 - 12/2017 Volume: 16
A statistical analysis of full-scale fracture propagation test data
Author: Dr Andrew Cosham
Secondary authors: Dr Ronald Koers, Dr Robert M Andrews, and Tanja Schmidt
Managing the threat from weather and outside force using ILI
Author: ane Dawson
Secondary authors: Ian Murray
What is a ‘subject-matter expert’?
Author: Dr Phil Hopkins
Secondary authors: Michelle Unger
Worst-case scenario consequence modelling in natural gas transmission pipeline using PHAST software
Author: Payam Amir-Heidari
Secondary authors: Mehrzad Ebrahemzadih and Omid Giahi
Zero incidents: a realistic target for the pipeline industry?
Author: Ian Diggory
B31.8S guidance documents – a reply from a B31.8S member
Secondary authors: Dr Keith Leewis

Pipeline World Volume: 16 - 9/2017 Volume: 16
Mitigation measures for the stability of pipelines in liquefiable soils
Author: Massimina Castiglia
Secondary authors: Dr Salvatore Morgante, Dr Agostino Napolitano, and Prof. Filippo Santucci de Magistris
Girth weld integrity evaluation on a vintage gas pipeline
Author: Pedro M. Hryciuk
Secondary authors: Jose A. Minellono, and Verónica Domínguez
Charpy toughness of ERW seam welds
Author: Dr Su Xu
Secondary authors: Andrew Laver, Jim Gianetto, Jie Liang, Dr William R. Tyson, and Shinya (Matt) Matsuno
A study on friction loss and hold-up ratio in the water-lubricated pipeline transportation of heavy oil
Author: Dr Sayeed Rushd
Secondary authors: Dr Aziz Rahman
Engineering assessment for temporary wooden pipe supports
Author: Dr Diego D’Alberto
Secondary authors: Dr Agostino Napolitano, Dr Salvatore Morgante, and Angelo Rosato

Pipeline World Volume: 16 - 6/2017 Volume: 16
The use of hydrotesting and EMT ILI technology for the integrity management of SCC in gas pipelines
Author: Pedro M Hryciuk
Secondary authors: Eduardo Carzoglio, Jose A Minellono, Leonardo Martinetto, Pedro M Guillen, and Joerg Grillenberger
Structural behaviour of dented NPS30 X-70 pipe under operating pressure
Author: Dr Hossein Ghaednia
Secondary authors: Sara Y Kenno
Penetration depth of ships’ anchors in regard to pipeline crossing protection: a review
Author: Victoria Monsma
Secondary authors: Jan Spiekhout, and Henk Harthoorn
Decision-support tools for selection of pipeline corrosion coatings
Author: Dr Sirous Yasseri
Secondary authors: Dr Sirous Yasseri
A case study of design pressure and design life determination for non-metallic pipe using API RP 15S
Author: Mohd Nazmi Bin Mohd Ali Napiah
Secondary authors: M Fauzi Bin Badaruddin, and Tengku Mohd Shahru Haslan Bin Tuan Yusof
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