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A list of the most recent papers published by the Journal of Pipeline Integrity, and available as pdf files, is given below. Click on "BUY" to view the abstract. If you decide to purchase, please continue by using our secure on-line system, at a cost of only $25 per paper. For our complete library of available technical papers in this format, please go to

Pipeline World Volume: 15 - 12/2016 Volume: 15
A modified two-curve model for running fracture arrest design of high-strength transmission pipelines
Author: Dr Xian-Kui Zhu
Flap pressure and arrest length considerations in propagating shear failure
Author: Dr Brian Leis
Secondary authors: Dr Andrew Cosham
Modelling crack propagation and arrest in gas pipes using the CTOA criterion
Author: Dr Mohamed Ben Amara
Secondary authors: Prof. Guy Pluvinage, Dr Julien Capelle, and Prof. Zitouni Azari
Running ductile fracture analysis using experimental crack-velocity curve – a case study
Author: Dr Satoshi Igi
Running-ductile-fracture control – a novel analytical approach involving the J-integral as a toughness measure
Author: Dr Alexander Völling
Secondary authors: Christoph Kalwa, and Dr Marion Erdelen-Peppler

Pipeline World Volume: 15 - 9/2016 Volume: 15
Comparison of tee designs for subsidence areas
Author: Dr Michael Law
Secondary authors: Paul Grace and Ben Wyeth
Estimating liquid pool evaporation by forced convection in a gas pipeline
Author: Alessandro Terenzi
Upheaval buckling of pipelines
Author: Oluwatomisin Adebanjo
Secondary authors: Dr Nigel Simms
A novel model for prediction of crack propagation in gas transmission pipelines
Author: Dr Hadi Mohammadi
Prediction of the internal corrosion remaining life of a gas pipeline made of high-strength steel
Author: Dr Yue Cui
Secondary authors: Prof. Hui-qing Lan, Dr Ren-yang He, and Prof. Chao-hui Zhang
Fluidic-drag estimation in horizontal-directional drilling using the finite-volume method
Author: Montazar Rabiei
Secondary authors: Dr Yaolin Yi, Prof. Alireza Bayat, Prof. Roger Cheng, and Manley Osbak
Industry leaders gather in Germany
Author: Editorial

Pipeline World Volume: 15 - 6/2016 Volume: 15
Deterministic and probabilistic approaches for scheduling mitigations of crack-like anomalies
Author: Dr Jing Ma
Secondary authors: Michael Rosenfeld
Hydrotesting and ILI: now and in the future
Author: Jerry Rau
Secondary authors: Dr Mike Kirkwood
The use of GIS slope-stability analyses for onshore pipeline routeing optimization
Author: Dr Filippo Onori
Secondary authors: Dr Agostino Napolitano and Eng. Tonino Tarsi
Geogrid for existing buried pipeline crossings
Author: Dr Agostino Napolitano
Secondary authors: Dr Diego D’Alberto, Dr Salvatore Morgante, and Dr Gilberto Latini
Assessment of the reliability level embedded in pipeline design codes
Author: Prof. Sviatoslav A Timashev
Secondary authors: Anna V Bushinskaya
Baseline survey of flexible pipes: scope of requirements and overview of typical non-conformances
Author: Dr Damir Tadjiev
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