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Journal of Pipeline Engineering - Issue Details
Date: 6/2017
Volume Number: 16

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

The use of hydrotesting and EMT ILI technology for the integrity management of SCC in gas pipelines
Author: Pedro M Hryciuk
Secondary authors: Eduardo Carzoglio, Jose A Minellono, Leonardo Martinetto, Pedro M Guillen, and Joerg Grillenberger
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Structural behaviour of dented NPS30 X-70 pipe under operating pressure
Author: Dr Hossein Ghaednia
Secondary authors: Sara Y Kenno
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Penetration depth of ships’ anchors in regard to pipeline crossing protection: a review
Author: Victoria Monsma
Secondary authors: Jan Spiekhout, and Henk Harthoorn
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Decision-support tools for selection of pipeline corrosion coatings
Author: Dr Sirous Yasseri
Secondary authors: Dr Sirous Yasseri
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A case study of design pressure and design life determination for non-metallic pipe using API RP 15S
Author: Mohd Nazmi Bin Mohd Ali Napiah
Secondary authors: M Fauzi Bin Badaruddin, and Tengku Mohd Shahru Haslan Bin Tuan Yusof
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